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Performance Marketing With a Completely Deterministic Conversion Attribution

100% Transparency

Get total transparency so you can decide what's returning the most on your investment. Analyze campaign performance, mobile inventory, channel performance, and other aspects.

Zero Ad Fraud

With the help of Alcazar's marketing technology, you can boost actual sales by removing the possibility of mobile ad fraud and receiving only conversions from human sources.

Platforms For E-Commerce Marketing Used by Alcazar

Customer Acquisition

Engage consumers who are trying to learn about your brand. Use on-device inventory alternatives to interact with users by providing app placements with high-end manufacturers and projecting a distinct image.

Customer Monetization

Retailers may create a scalable, brand-funded media company with the help of our Customer Monetization Platform. Make use of our DSP’s capabilities to leverage off-site outreach across various venues and platforms to create income.

Customer Re-Engagement

Using unique creatives and a tailored approach for every step of your customer’s journey, ReEngage is a remarketing platform that helps you sell more.

Connected TV Advertising

Reach more than 20 million distinct devices in the MENA area by purchasing media on LG TVs through an exclusive relationship with Alcazar for CTV advertising.

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The gap in our strategy was filled with Alcazar advertisements, which enabled us to translate talks with influencers into actual conversions.
Hasan Malik
They are always accessible to assist with maintaining and optimizing our channels, and they have extensive knowledge of the market.
Rousel Jenifer

Platform For Cross-Channel Marketing To Attract Consumers Seeking Your Brand

Advertisers can gain clients through a variety of methods by using Alcazar. Utilize Alcazar’s multi-channel marketing platform to begin promoting across numerous placement kinds simultaneously.

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